Event Lineup

Caribbean Poolside Party

Saturday Dec. 15th, 12PM-4PM - Garden of the Gods Oasis

Only in Vegas can you enjoy the most spectacular pool scene in the world while partying poolside in December! As a guest of the Celebrity Million Dollar Spades Classic and Winter-Heat X'Perience, you are invited to party poolside at Caesars Palace Pool of the Gods.

Elegant and stately, the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis is a collection of exclusive watering holes, decadent cabanas and lavish lounging spots. It’s no wonder why this Las Vegas pool escape is the ultimate cool vibe destination.

Whether you bow before the gods of the sun or the water, a Caribbean poolside day at Caesars Palace is a royal treat. With all the Roman architecture and pools, you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of Italy. The seven Garden of the Gods pools offer a distinct experience for loungers and for those who come to party. There’s a pool for every mood!

About DJ Biskit

A 40 year DJ Vet that honed his skills on all genres of music but his love for House Music stands above all! Holding multiple residencies at various venues in the DMV including the Silver Shadows, Club 347, Pulse, Paradox etc. DJ Biskit has developed a strong following over the years with seamless blends, master programming and the ability to move the crowd into a frenzy.